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Meet Jack

The Dog That started It All

            Once in a lifetime, we as dog lovers, have an opportunity to share our lives with an exceptional canine.  A dog we have a deeper connection with than the dogs that came before.  For myself, that exceptional dog is Jack.

            Jack came to me as just a pup, at a dark period in my life.  There were times when the strength to push on was motivated by the thought, “If you give up, who will care for Jack?”

            Ten years later, Jack dislocated his hip. Before prescribing pain medication, the vet ordered a liver panel, to make sure he could tolerate the medication.  To our dismay, Jack’s liver panel reveals a problem, elevated on all levels.  I was devastated. I was told, “we will wait until he gets worse, then do a biopsy, and decide how to treat from there.”  I was also told, “he can go another six months to a year like this”.   “Unacceptable!” All those years ago, Jack saved my life.  It was my turn to return the favor.


Jack’s Road to Recovery

            I began to research, and I discovered, among other things, nutrition can play a huge role in the health of your dog, and processed dog food is no better for your dog than processed people food is good for you and me.  

            I sought out ways to treat Jack holistically, to increase nutrition and decrease toxins in his daily life, through diet and homeopathic remedies. Upon our next visit, Jack’s liver panel dropped significantly!  The vet commented, “whatever you are doing, keep it up. It’s working”.

            My research into healthy food alternatives, eventually became my business, Healthy Hounds, LLC.  My mission is to help other dogs lead healthier lives through better nutrition. As for Jack, I can happily say that the predicted six months of pain turned to four additional years of love for and from my pup!


Flint Hills, South of I-70

  • Many ingredients are Organic or Non-GMO​​

    • We don’t want chemicals or pesticides in our food, why would we want less for our best friends?

  • Focused on nutrition-

    • Nutrients from food are more easily absorbed by the body than nutrients from supplements.

    • Processed kibble is cooked at high temperatures, destroying much of the nutritional value. Supplements are then added to meet nutritional requirements.

  • Made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

  • Cooked slowly over low heat to preserve nutrient values.

  • Healthy Hounds LLC products are registered and licensed through the Kansas Department of Agriculture and have met the requirements for Registration under the Kansas commercial Feeding Stuffs Law.

  • From our Limited Ingredient Canine Cookies to our Frozen Pupwiches, Healthy Hounds LLC always has your pups health in mind.

    • Organic Ingredients​

    • Aluminim Free Baking Powder

    • Gluten Free

    • Dairy Free

Healthy Hounds, LLC product ingredients are:

  • Purchased from many of the same stores you buy your groceries from!

    • You won’t find any words like “byproducts” or “meal” in our ingredient lists!

    • Don’t be fooled by the term “Human Grade” on other labels, it does not always mean your pet is getting the healthiest option.

    • No Wheat/Soy

  • Gluten Free